22nd October

Manchester Science Festival: Audio illusions and other curiosities

Low Four: An Old Granada Studios Space for Music in collaboration with the University of Salford presents Auditory Illusions and other curiosities, a Manchester Science Festival event. Experts including lecturers from the university and contemporary Manchester musicians investigate fascinating acoustic illusions and phenomena.

Auditory illusions include spiralling notes – like Escher’s staircases – that seem to go up and up forever, phantom melodies that magically appear from rapidly repeating patterns of tones and rhythms that impossibly seem to be forever getting faster. These matinee shows will incorporate audience participation, live musicians and infographics with the presenters explaining both how these illusions are achieved technically and how they are implemented for creative purposes.

Low Four is a repurposed recording studio at Old Granada Studios used to record theme tunes and soundtracks for classic ITV dramas such as Jewel in the Crown, Brideshead Revisited and Sherlock Holmes, often by sections of the Halle Orchestra. Launched in May this year, the studio now hosts and broadcasts television styled music shows featuring cutting edge local and international artists such as Everything Everything, Gogo Penguin, Nzca Lines and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor.